Case Studies for Harsha Hospitals

About the Client:

Harsha Hospital was established in March 2007 at Kukatpally, Hyderabad. Hospital adopts the unique concept of using state–of–art technology to provide Health care. The hospital provides the Best Quality HealthCare Services giving priority to Women’s Health.

Journey with Harsha Hospital:

We started to work with the Client in September 2021. As per the initial Audit, we have taken the following steps to determine where their Organic Traffic

We have performed a Technical Audit that includes the traffic to their website, amount of traffic, sources of traffic, etc at that given point in time.

Marketing Strategies Implemented:

Upon Analyzing the Client’s Traffic Sources we had to implement 360-degree strategies to ensure improving the numbers by targeting local keywords for SEO, social media strategies that include consistency, engaging with the audience, building a personal connection with them to gain their trust.

It is important to focus on various angles, different strategies for overall growth in the traffic.

As the above-mentioned processes definitely need ample time to show the result, we are glad to have seen the growth on different platforms thereby increasing the ROI to the client and brand establishment.


Initially, we could observe that the traffic obtained to the client’s website was less compared to what should actually be.
We had a Marketing Plan before we started working for the client where we have put down all the strategies for the next six months prior and could prove ourselves successful with the numbers.

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